29 July 2020  Some very welcome news

Walter Taylor Ward councillor James Mackay has written to the SLCA this week allocating us the same level of BCC grant funding for 2020/2021 ($20,000) that paid for Stage 1 of the St Lucia Community Garden project groundworks in 2019/20. 

We are very hopeful this second significant chunk of capital works grant will get us most of what we hoped and planned for in Stage 2: a substantial second Growing Terrace, finished terrace surfaces and completed access paths. Items like the raised beds themselves, soil, a shade pergola, pest protection, a shed or tools and materials will likely have to come out of separate grants or our own resources. 

Cllr Mackay has suggested that he would like to try to match the last two years’ WTW grants in 2021/22. If that works out it may be possible to defer bigger ticket items such as a fitted-out shed, more garden beds or water harvesting until some time after July 2021.

We hope to add a short-term lockable shed and some sort of pergola or shade structure fairly soon, but we’ll need to be prudent with our cash  (even though it is nice to have some now thanks to our Members and Garden Angels).

You can read Councillor Mackay’s letter here: SLCA Letter – 29Jul20  (900Kb PDF)

Meanwhile, more than a hundred people have joined the SLCG Facebook Group and about fifty generous and enthusiastic local people have held up their hands to say they’d love to help out before we launch officially (with publicity, fund-raising, administration, grant submissions, compost-making and bed-building and so on). Those who didn’t make it to last weekend’s first get together for that Group have been sent a form asking them to let us know where their skills and interests are strongest. After the Membership co-ordinators have waded through that lot we will be able to split up into smaller, more manageable groups to work on particular projects.

We are in touch with Asset Services already to plan and schedule Stage 2 construction asap, and still hope to be able to Launch in spring. 

Lots to do just to get started. . . So, if you’d like to join our Starters Group, get in touch on members.stluciacommunitygarden@gmail.com.


21 July 2020   Community Garden Picnic

Well, that went pretty well!  About 120 people turned up in Robertson Park on Saturday to hear about the Cubberla Witton Catchment Network, do some useful “Clean Up” work for Sandy Creek, talk to lots of Community Garden people about the project, walk over and around the Garden site and hear about next steps and organisational matters, or talk directly to our building works funder Walter Taylor BCC Councillor James Mackay and Picnic organiser, Maiwar MP Michael Berkman.

And generally enjoy the MP’s free sausage sizzle. Which sold out twice over. Apparently the green and orange jelly cups were a particular hit. 

Almost as importantly, the SLCG raised around $800 in Memberships and outright donations from locals (our first money of our own), which means we can begin to plan for the true garden parts of the Garden, and reach out to the communities we hope will enjoy the CG once we are open and to the sponsors who can help us grow.

Getting the Garden completed as soon as possible is the main target. We are in advanced discussions with Cllr Mackay about BCC Ward funds paying for the crucial lower Growing Terrace asap (Cllr Mackay’s Ward funds have already paid for the Upper Terrace), getting our access paths built and surfaced, our water supply connected and the raised garden beds approved. Meanwhile, it looks as though our long-planned BCC Community Compost Hub is about to go ahead too. After that it’s bees, build and fill the garden beds, erect the Shed and start collecting all the tools and resources we’ll need to get on with some actual gardening.

If we can make it happen, we still want to be ready to plant and launch by September. There’s many a slippage, as they say, when dealing with bureaucracies, but that’s still the target. If you know somebody who’d like to help with energy, skills or funds, do ask them to get in touch.

Our first Volunteers Group meet and greet is scheduled for this weekend. If you’d like to join us, get in touch on stluciacommunitygarden@gmail.com.


12 July 2020  Nice to be popular!

Leaflet about CG from Cllr Mackay: July 2020Leaflet about CG Picnic from Maiwar MP Michael Berkman    Letters to St Lucia residents from Walter Taylor Ward Councillor James Mackay and  Maiwar State MP Michael Berkman were distributed locally as letterbox flyers last weekend.

The SLCG is grateful for BCC’s generous grant funding so far, which has paid for all of Stage 1 of the Garden build and allocated equal funds to complete Stage 2 (the larger lower terrace or Growing Place) over the next few months.

Mr Berkman’s office has arranged a community Picnic and BBQ to benefit the SLCG and do some useful clean up work in Robertson and Lex Ord Parks alongside the Cubberla Witton Catchment Network.

We look forward to all our Local, State and Federal politicians continuing to dig deep to help us grow.


Cubberla Witton have emailed their members and supporters too:

St Lucia Community Garden Neighbourhood BBQ and creek clean-up event
CWCN is participating in the Neighbourhood BBQ with St Lucia Community Garden and creek clean-up event, to be held on Sat 18 July, from 1:00pm to 3:30pm, at Robertson Park, Taringa (corner of Indooroopilly Rd and Lambert Rd). CWCN is supporting the event, providing a display of locally relevant catchment management and biodiversity conservation canadianpharmacy365.net information and activities. We are also supporting the creek clean-up with rubbish bags from our Clean Up Australia Day activities. We would love to see our supporters on the day.

The new St Lucia Community Garden will be in Lex Ord Park South. To help celebrate, Michael Berkman, Greens MP for Maiwar, is co-hosting a neighbourhood BBQ with the garden committee in nearby Robertson Park. You’ll get a chance to check out the progress of the garden, meet committee members, and enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch (including meat, vego and gluten free options). Bring along your own chairs or a picnic blanket, a water bottle, and sun protection.


09 July 2020 Almost there for Stage 1

Rapid progress. The first walls are all in, and the Top Terrace or Meeting Place should be backfilled, levelled and completed by the end of this week . . .

Then it’s on to constructing Stage 2 in a month or two (the Lower Terrace, or Growing Place), with another sizeable sum allocated to the CG (from the BCC “Suburban Enhancement Fund”) by Walter Taylor Ward Councillor James Mackay. That will put in another 40 or more sandstone blocks, add easy to use access paths and a set of central stairs and some tramadolportal.com really good stuff like a level platform for a serious tool shed and connecting our water supply. . .


In between we have lots of community building and Member recruitment to do: the first step there comes with the support of our State MP, Michael Berkman, whose Indooroopilly office have organised an awareness-raising event for us (hopefully funds too) in Robertson Park (just across the road) alongside staff from the Cubberla-Witton Catchment Network, who have been doing fantastic work through the St Lucia Golf Course Bushcare Group in Sandy Creek (right next to the Community Garden).  SLCG people will be on hand to answer questions, listen to ideas, take donations, sign Members up and walk people around the CG site. You may have already received a BBQ leaflet if you live close by, if not, you can read it here as a PDF (300kb): 2020-07-07 Letter to residents re St Lucia Comm Garden BBQ-1.

The key bits of the leaflet are:

“To help the St Lucia Community Garden celebrate I’m hosting a neighbourhood BBQ with them in nearby Robertson Park, and we’d
love you to come! You’ll get a chance to check out the progress of the garden, meet committee members, and enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch.
Members of the Cubberla-Witton Catchment Network will also be there on the day. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the work that they do in our local parks and waterways, this is the perfect chance to find out. With their assistance, there’ll be an opportunity to spend some time on the day cleaning up along the creek.”

Time: 1pm – 3.30pm, Saturday 18 July 2020
Location: Robertson Park, Indooroopilly Road, Taringa
Bring: Chairs or a picnic blanket, a water bottle, and sun protection – we’ll provide the rest!

Cubberla-Witton themselves have been kind enough to say:

“CWCN is very supportive of the St Lucia Community Garden getting up and running and have liaised with them and offered support to help get them started. We believe there will be a significant local community interest in the activities of both the bushcare group and the community garden. There is plenty of potential for common membership, local interest and hopefully collaborative activities between the two organisations.”

And to note that:

“The St Lucia Golf Course Bushcare Group is very active, holding working bees on the last Sunday of every month, primarily focused on weed control and habitat restoration in the bushland and the riparian areas along Sandy Creek in the golf course proper. Copious amounts of rubbish are often collected from the various bushcare sites and creek banks within the golf course grounds. CWCN also regularly monitors water quality in our catchment area, including a site in Sandy Creek at Robertson Park.”

07 July 2020  Breaking ground at last


Works start . . .

02 July 2020: Coming together

If you have been past the Community Garden site lately you will have noticed that some temporary fencing has been erected to surround Phase 1 of the CG. The groundworks to create the first terrace and put in place the first supporting wall of sandstone blocks are now set to start on Monday 6 July and finish by the 10 July (weather permitting).

  • We have held our first SLCG Launch Committee meeting. The Launch Committee is structured to get the CG built, administer grant and other revenues and then progressively hand over its functions, roles and control to a new CG Committee and a CG Gardening Committee. The first will manage the project, the second will manage the Community Garden itself and its gardeners.
  • elected the initial officers (President, Secretary and Treasurer plus 3 Members),
  • arranged the first public celebrations of the work commencing and
  • progressed the necessary administrative and financial arrangements.
  • We have begun planning for a first CG volunteer get together to kick start a real CG community (and find out who wants to do what and how often, and what skills they can contribute),
  • drafted a CG Membership Scheme for individuals, families and organisations, and
  • worked out how to get the tonnes of rich compost we will need started off as soon as possible. (The less we have to buy the better, and being in control of the quality is important.)

Anybody who would like to join that first get-together should email stluciacommunitygarden@gmail.com.

Meanwhile, Hillstone/100 Acre Bar have agreed to be particularly helpful with raw materials for our Compost Hub. Members of the Launch Committee have also visited several highly successful and longer-standing Brisbane CGs to take on what works best and what isn’t so important. A common theme is that recruiting excellent bakers for the inevitable working bee elevenses is a priority.

The temporary fencing going up!     © 2020 John Brannock

Next steps will be putting in paths, building compost bays and raised beds and then erecting a temporary shed on site to hold tools and materials securely.

Keep July 18 free if you’d like a guided tour and an enthusiastic explanation of what comes next . . .

18 June 2020: The St Lucia Community Garden updated

There’s many a slip, as they say, and it has taken us another four months of lobbying, nagging and negotiating to get us to the brink of breaking ground. But what we are looking at now is bigger and better than what we initially had in mind.

Revised Community Garden design PDF

(125Kb PDF here NewCGOutline3 )

Council have re-tendered the revised project to groundworks contractors, specified a whole bunch of materials to be used that weren’t specified until recently, insisted on us having mains water (connected at our own expense), then eventually approved our modified design (below) which is based on the funds and materials we now have to work with.

Council have also given us an estimate of a first week of July completion for the groundworks. I don’t advise holding your breath, but we are getting very close to having a place to grow in…

Launch Management Committee formation and Compost Hub creation (and some training) are next, with hopefully a launch event on site ain mid-July followed by some serious gardening. . .

For more information, email: stluciacommunitygarden@gmail.com


12 February 2020: The St Lucia Community Garden

Very exciting news at last. After about twelve months of beavering away, the St Lucia Community Garden project is getting ready to break some ground! For more information, email: stluciacommunitygarden@gmail.com

Here’s the two main Draft CG Plans. PDF 1 (also with the key pages as images for quicker download) is the Community Association’s SLCG pitch to BCC and prospective stakeholders to help us win the site. (Click the images for a larger version of each)

The 2019 Proposal to BCC: 9.4Mb PDF (St Lucia Community Garden.Brief.v1.8.Web)

This is the first 2020 Lex Ord Park South Site Draft SLCG Plan as developed with our expert consultants and designers: (SLCG.DraftPlan.v1.1.Page1Only)

And this is the latest 2020 Draft SLCG Site Plan (Version 2.0)


As you can see, the ideas are taking shape.

We’re very keen to hear from locals with green fingers, knowledge to share or any kind of help to contribute. There’ll be a Committee (Yay!) to run things and hopefully a lot of interaction with our schools , churches and Elders over what we can fit into this newish but otherwise almost empty Local Park, Lex Ord South.

There’ll be lots more news here very soon…

If you are interested in hearing more about the CG plans, offering some setting-up help or joining in as a gardener, drop the St Lucia Community Garden team a line here:  stluciacommunitygarden@gmail.com


05 August 2019: Secretary’s Report 2019

The full Report by the SLCA Secretary to the 2019 SLCA AGM can be read here (33Kb, PDF).

10 May 2019:  Notice of SLCA AGM

Dear Member,

Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting for the St Lucia Community Association Inc. will be held at the St Lucia Community Hall in Ironside Park at 2pm, 25 May 2019. The entry to the Community Hall is off Guilfoyle St which runs between Carmody Rd and Baty St. and is just north of the entrance to the St Lucia Girl Guides Hall.

Besides the normal AGM business required by the constitution (“the Rules”), the President, Treasurer and Secretary will deliver their respective reports.

Yours faithfully,

John Brannock

Secretary, SLCA Inc.

10 May 2019

11 December 2018: Submissions to UQ on the Draft UQ Site Development Plan from Maiwar MP Michael Berkman and BCC Cllr Julian Simmonds

(click image to download as PDF)

(click image to download as PDF)

11 December 2018: The SLCA’s Submission to UQ on the Draft UQ Site Development Plan

The St Lucia Community Association has a proud record of representing the interests of people who live and work in St Lucia on a wide range of issues. That record and the intensity of public feeling about UQ behaving like a playground bully over its growth ambitions led to hundreds of bright yellow protest signs appearing on private properties across St Lucia to greet the 2015 and then 2017 UQ St Lucia Campus Draft Master Plans.

The 2015 SLCA campaign led to UQ binning their first Draft.

2017’s version sported much less detail and much more sugar-coating, but held on to a major student numbers increase, cutting more of St Lucia out of the City Planning processes, generating more traffic and building inappropriate high-rises in otherwise residential areas. In fact, very little of the community’s concerns had been taken into account.

Managing UQ’s inordinate penchant for growth is now the biggest single issue facing St Lucia. If we want to hold on to what defines St Lucia and the inner western suburbs as a good area for students and other citizens to live, efforts are needed to collectively resist over-development. The SLCA has consistently called on UQ to learn how to behave like a decent neighbour and begin an enduring Town and Gown relationship, a concept which has been vehemently resisted by UQ lately.

And yet UQ is still simply evading quantifying the growth they want us to permit. Where the 2015 Master Plan talked about 10,000 more FTE students (FTEs are “full-time equivalents”) plus the staff and academics necessary to support them, now UQ give us only fat black rising arrows without figures.

Where the 2015 Master Plan talked about tunnels and bike bridges and lakes and river viewing points and park land, the 2017 version gives us an underground bus terminal (maybe), new retail hubs, late night food complexes, major entertainment venues, 24/7 and all-year-round campus “activation” and much, much more.

More and more students and staff, 40 or so new or renovated buildings, endless impacts from noise, dust and demolition works, many more buses, new through high-frequency buses from suburbs in the East running across the river – and the campus – to Indooroopilly, an encircling collar of higher and higher residential buildings splitting off the park and sport facilities of the campus from the residential suburb, and still absolutely nothing to compensate locals for losing more of their their peace, their amenity or their suburban shopping centres.

Despite locals twice comprehensively rejecting ever bigger, brassier, noisier, bolder and less transparent UQ Master Plans, UQ continues to try to crash on through. Nothing fundamental has been changed in 6 years of so-called consultation or “engagement” and three versions of the Plan. All the expansion is still in, the building scales are the same, the drive for growth is still in, the switch from teacher to landlord is still on.

The pie in the sky off-campus bridges may have been deleted, but they have been replaced by cross-river, east-west bus routes dividing our suburb in half, and by ever bigger retail services closer and closer to the residential areas.

Principal submission highlights:

  • UQ has committed a sham consultation process incorporating its CRG stacked with non-resident, commercial-interest people and then completely ignored the community’s concerns expressly conveyed through many individuals, SLCA meetings, media and presentations.
  • UQ still refuses to quantify its desired student growth numbers. How does that permit proper traffic or other technical impact reports needed by a proper Master Plan to be properly completed? And what developer gets a blank slate? No traffic report assessing growth numbers and their consequences has been made available so it is assumed that one has not been commissioned.
  • UQ now introduces (contrary to a previous UQ Chancellor’s statement) an east-west, cross-river, through bus service to facilitate eastern suburbs access to Indooroopilly shopping centre and Toowong district centre thus splitting St Lucia with a new high-frequency bus arterial along Hawken Drive and Swann Road.
  • The Final Master-Plan and the Draft SDP still contain projects or suggestions that require new and extended St Lucia CID (ID). De-coupled ones or not – such as:
  • the new “Entertainment Complex” venue in Chancellor’s Place
  • the entire Hawken Drive ziggurat residential, office and retail complex
  • the focus on night-time retail and entertainment and food around Chancellor’s Place (ie close to residential St Lucia)
  • the Avalon Precinct medium rise/high-density residential projects,
  • the Long Pocket Precinct 8-storey residential projects,
  • the Long Pocket Precinct and Hawken Drive Precinct retail and service “hubs”,
  • the focus on greater late-night, vacation and weekend “activation”
  • the intention to enable east-west, cross-river, cross-Brisbane through-services
  • the intention to connect the Metro to Chancellor’s Place. Or whatever cheaper terminus eventuates, such as Hawken Drive East.

In summary, the St Lucia Community Association and its membership are profoundly disappointed by the approach to both its consultation and its planning taken by UQ for many years.

  • Multiple community meetings, letters and emails tell the SLCA that what still deeply worries local people (because little of it has been properly addressed) includes:
  • Significant issues with increasing UQ traffic, congestion, parking and residential density said to be addressed by unpublished Reports,
  • UQ further escaping fundamental BCC City Plan controls,
  • UQ abruptly wiping the key numbers around growth so that a proper assessment cannot be undertaken,
  • UQ suddenly offering to facilitate east-west cross-river through bus services,
  • UQ planning on greatly extended hours and weeks of maximised campus operation,
  • UQ supplying competitive publicly accessible retail offerings at the new Avalon, Long Pocket and Hawken Drive Precincts,
  • UQ permitting itself building heights and scales incompatible with current BCC zoning and grossly exceeding current City Plan limits,
  • UQ becoming an accommodation cash-cow and degree-factory, not a centre of world-class learning, research and culture.

Dr Murray Bingham
St Lucia Community Association Inc


10 November 2018: Another very successful Public Meeting . . .


More than 150 members of the public turned out to Ironside State School and joined the SLCA Committee, State Member for Maiwar Michael Berkman, and BCC Walter Taylor Ward Councillor Julian Simmonds to catch up on the latest news on the UQ Master Plan and discuss next steps in our eight year campaign to resist UQ’s plans to grow up, grow out and grow in numbers at the expense of western suburbs’ amenity.

Two Resolutions were passed unanimously by acclaim at the meeting:

  • The SLCA will make representations to the Planning Minister to discuss the community meetings’ concerns; and
  • That an approach be made to UQ to form a joint Town and Gown Committee to work to resolve current and ongoing community issues.

The SLCA Committee are discussing how best to further the aims of these resolutions. More news shortly.

Before and after the meeting, newcomers and veterans alike were able to study several display boards chronicling the history of the community campaigns against UQ’s expansion plans since 2010, and what the SLCA thinks of the provisions and process of the current UQ St Lucia Master Plan.



These documents are available here as PDFs.

The fiercely contentious subject of the UQ Master Plan and Draft Site Development Plan was complemented by a very useful discussion of exactly how two unwelcome and excessive local DAs were recently and successfully resisted by prospective neighbours and members of the St Lucia community.

11 October 2018: Date announced for next SLCA Public Meeting – 10 November


2-4 pm, Saturday, 10 November, Ironside School Hall

Come along to hear informed discussion around these crucial questions:

1) Final UQ Master Plan + Draft Site Development Plan

  • Why is UQ planning for a cross-campus high-frequency bus link to directly join eastern suburbs to Indooroopilly and Toowong contrary to previous Senate directions?
  • Why are there no traffic studies, EISs or plans showing Hawken Drive/Swann Rd as the new arterial road (like Sir Fred Schonell Drive)  to accommodate UQs cross-campus bus links?
  • Will this “innovation” split our suburb in two?
  • Why are the extended CIDs still shown in the Final Master Plan?
  • Why has UQ apparently ignored all of the local community’s submissions during their so-called consultations?

2) Recent DAs

  • How can we best respond as a community to developer-sponsored DAs?

07 October 2018: Draft Site Development Plan (SDP) responses extension

The public comment period on the SDP has been extended to November 2 after further SLCA representations to UQ that the initial window was far too short. (See post from 22 August below for detail.)

This is the final formal “public consultation” period for the UQ Master Plan and its enabling document, the SDP.

The SLCA strongly encourages every resident, retailer and service provider in St Lucia, Taringa, Toowong, West End, Highgate Hill and Indooroopilly to register what they think of the University’s planning and its impact on their homes, businesses, and amenity. In particular, the University’s steadfast refusal to clarify its plans for significant staff and student numbers growth, and their insistence on building many more new, larger and taller buildings to offer new on-campus retail, transport and accommodation facilities to support the increased numbers. Whatever they may be.

Feedback can be provided through an online survey or by emailing sitedevelopmentplan@uq.edu.au.

The UQ SDP survey asks just three questions:
1 What do you think the Draft Site Development Plan does well?
2 What do you think the Draft Site Development Plan does not do well, and what would you suggest to change it?
3 Do you have any other comments or suggestions about the Draft Site Development Plan?

Note that the SDP hangs entirely off the Final St Lucia Campus Master Plan. We suggest that you first take the time to read the SDP, perhaps in conjunction with the Master Plan and prepare your thoughts beforehand.

Questions we recommend asking yourself include:
* Why must more of residential St Lucia be sacrificed to host the University’s ambitions?
* Why must UQ extend its CID footprints? Just in order to circumvent BCC’s City Plan?
* How many additional staff and students does the University plan to make room for?
* Why can’t UQ’s neighbours be told clearly how big this project plans to get?
* How can the Master Plan and SDP traffic, retail and environmental reports be accurate without knowing the growth numbers?
* What right does UQ have to offer up St Lucia’s narrow streets as through routes for buses from Brisbane’s eastern suburbs to Indooroopilly and Toowong?
* Why does UQ think multi-storey office, lab and residential buildings in Hawken Drive and Long Pocket are anything other than a huge, unjustified and windfall planning gain?
* Why does UQ have nothing to offer residents of the Inner West except a bigger, more crowded, 24/7, 365 day a year building site?

We also anticipate that UQ will brush public comments aside if they are at all negative. That leaves the local communities with only the big stick we have regularly wielded over the last six years to slow down this massive land grab: Keeping the politicians and decision-makers aware of just how unacceptable locals and voters find the new UQ Master Plan to be.

We will be organising another SLCA public meeting on the subject in the second week of November. Please come along, and tell your friends.

7 October 2018: St Lucia History Group

If you haven’t got a firm idea of where St Lucia comes from as a suburb (and not just a convenient place to put a University), you’ll find these researches from the “Brisbane History West” sub-group, the “St Lucia History” group fascinating. Most are illustrated PDFs and written by people who have or have had a long association with our suburb, and capture a lot of collective knowledge and wisdom.

For example:

Posted on 28 August, 2014 by BHW Editor

Around 1890 David Guyatt built and opened the first shop in St Lucia – the Ironside Post Office and Store at what became Guyatt Park. Following the 1893 floods the store was moved further uphill on St Lucia Road, re-named Sir Fred Schonell Drive in 1970, to the corner of Ryans Road where it remained the only store for twenty years.

As the population gradually increased other shops opened at convenient locations, setting the pattern for our current day retail hubs. In 1913 Albert Davies opened a General Store on the corner of Gailey and Swann Roads, in the 1920s J&A Allen on the corner of Mitre Street and St Lucia Road and in 1940s a store opened on Hawken Drive near the Ironside State School. Less enduring locations include the shop opened in 1930 on Laurence Street to serve passengers on their way to and from the West End ferry.

Back then many goods such as eggs, bread, fruit, vegetables, ice and newspapers were delivered by local traders using a horse and cart. Milk was delivered from the local dairy herds in Depper and Warren Street. Hawkers of patent medicines, soft drinks in bottles, clothesline props, firewood, fish etc. called door to door, and mail order catalogues provided access to fashion items. In the shops, goods such as sugar were weighed into paper bags and if you wanted ice cream you brought your own bowl for it to be scooped into.

The growing prosperity of the early 1950s and associated changes in life style, overlaid on the residential dynamic following the opening of the University, heralded a change to the face of retailing in St Lucia. In 1952 Bob Browning built a shop on Hawken Drive and opened one of Brisbane’s first self-serve grocery stores. He became a local identity participating in the development of commerce in the area for more than twenty years. The site is still occupied by a supermarket today. With further shops and a petrol and service station adjacent, and ten years later more shops across the road, including a Post Office in 1964, Hawken Village became the main retail hub of St Lucia and is still serving the residents and the University students today.

St Lucia History Group. For further information contact Andrew Darbyshire


27 September 2018: UQ Draft Site Development Plan (SDP)

The public comment period on the SDP has been extended to October 3 after SLCA representations to UQ that the initial window was far too short.

This is the final formal “public consultation” period for the UQ Master Plan and its enabling document the SDP.

The SLCA strongly encourages every resident, retailer and service provider in St Lucia, Taringa, Toowong, West End, Highgate Hill and Indooroopilly to register what they think of the University’s planning and its impact on their homes, businesses and amenity. In particular, the University’s steadfast refusal to clarify its plans for significant staff and student numbers growth, and their insistence on building many more new, larger and taller buildings to offer new on-campus retail, transport and accommodation facilities to support the increased numbers. Whatever they may be.

Community feedback can be provided through an online survey or by emailing sitedevelopmentplan@uq.edu.au.

The UQ SDP survey asks just three questions:

  • What do you think the Draft Site Development Plan does well?
  • What do you think the Draft Site Development Plan does not do well, and what would you suggest to change it?
  • Do you have any other comments or suggestions about the Draft Site Development Plan?

We suggest that you first take the time to read the SDP, perhaps in conjunction with the Final St Lucia Campus Master Plan and prepare your thoughts beforehand.

22 August 2018: The Draft UQ Site Development Plan is online now, but probably not for long:

Go to: https://about.uq.edu.au/site-development-plan

The Plan is a bit less than 10Mb in size as a downloadable PDF.

Please note the “Have Your Say” button.

There’s a mail link if you don’t want to answer just the questions UQ ask in the survey.

04 July: New mobile phone installations in Highview and Prospect Tce

TPG is planning to install several new mobile phone antennas in St Lucia streets on existing power poles close to homes in residential areas. Two sites causing  particular concern to local people are proposed for power poles opposite 54 Highview Tce and on another between 20-24 Prospect Tce.

Details can be found here: www.rfnsa.com.au/4067013.

TPG are running the required local and Council consultation process at the moment. That process closes on July 6.

Comments should go to matthew.kiff@kordia.com.au.

Concerned residents have also created a petition directed to TPG on Change.org here.


21 June 2018: Urgent Reminder about the Macquarie St petition

At this month’s AGM, it was moved that the SLCA formally support the efforts of Macquarie Street residents and the broader community to forestall the 160 Macquarie Street development proposal by promoting a petition to the Lord Mayor (see AGM Minutes below) to reconsider the Application urgently.

The project proposes to replace a single family home with 73 apartments housed in a single tower built very close to the bank of the Brisbane River, Smyth Creek, and the heavily-used Macquarie Street UQ Cycle Path.

The petition itself, and substantial information from the objectors about why the project should be reviewed or refused can be found here at Change.Org.

Around 860 signatories to date.


10 June 2018:  AGM St Lucia Community Association Inc.

Minutes of the SLCA Annual General Meeting  2 June 2018 at 2pm, at the Toowong Bowls Club


The president James Mackay as chairman, opened the meeting and welcomed members and guests.


James Mackay, Murray Bingham, John Sweep, Ian Nicolson, John Hart, Helen Gregory, (Scott Gregory; non-member), Jenifer Wiltshire, Bevan Wiltshire, Lynn Heilbronn, Carole Ferrier, (Irma Muller; non-member) , John Argus, (Jack Wade; non-member), Margaret Brannock, John Brannock, Paul Fallu, (Anne Fallu; non-member), (Michael Berkman; non-member), Ruth Hubbard.

Apologies: John Bovard, Jenny Pixley, Sue Feeney.

Proxies: John Bovard (proxy to chairman), Jenny Pixley (proxy to Dr Murray Bingham).

Confirmation of 2017 AGM Minutes:

It was moved that the 2017 Annual General Meeting Minutes be confirmed.

Moved: Murray Bingham; Seconded: Paul Fallu. Motion Carried.

President’s Report:

James Mackay presented and read his President’s Report particularly addressing the hard work of the committee and community members. He also emphasised the SLCA’s various activities regarding the University of Queensland’s Master Plan, vigilance on many St Lucia development applications, Wesley Mission’s blanket collections, Ironside State School committee attendances, collection of Christmas hampers and engagement with other St Lucia community groups and associations.

It was moved that the President’s Report be accepted.

Moved: John Brannock; Seconded: John Sweep. Motion Carried.

Financial Statement and Treasurer’s Report:

Paul Fallu as Treasurer presented for adoption the Financial Report and Treasurer’s Report.

Moved: Ian Nicolson; Seconded: John Sweep. Motion carried.

Membership fee for 2018

It was moved that the yearly membership fee remain fixed at $20.

Moved: James Mackay; Seconded: Helen Gregory. Motion carried.

General Business:

  1. Carol Ferrier gave a background to the various development applications at 160 Macquarie Street. She requested support for a petition to the Lord Mayor regarding the latest appeal.     It was moved that support be given to the efforts of the Macquarie Street residents and the broader community against the 160 Macquarie Street development proposal by promoting the petition to the Lord Mayor through SLCA members.   Moved: John Brannock; Seconded: Carole Ferrier. Motion carried.
  2. The President requested that the Secretary provide an update on the UQ Master Plan with which he duly complied.
  3. John Sweep raised the matter of whether a special levy could be contemplated in the near future. The President replied that it was not being currently discussed and was not contemplated.
  4. The President welcomed the Member for Maiwar Mr Michael Berkman MP.

Election of Management Committee:

The President requested that Helen Gregory take the chair to preside over this matter.

Mrs Gregory announced the election of the following persons to Management Committee positions, all being unopposed:

President: Dr Murray Bingham; Treasurer: Paul Fallu; Secretary: John Brannock

Committee Members: James Mackay, John Hart, Ian Nicolson, John Sweep.


Dr Murray Bingham as the new President took the Chair. He stated that the Association was on the right track in supporting its various community activities and there were further avenues of developing a “sense of community” which the Management Committee would explore.


Dr Murray Bingham closed the meeting at 2:52pm and invited members to stay for conversation.


April 30 2018: UQ withdraws student accommodation plans

Yesterday’s Courier-Mail stated that UQ had withdrawn or at least suspended its plans for high-density student accommodation on Coldridge Street.

December 21: Final UQ Master Plan update

As you may already have heard, the final UQ Master Plan has been officially endorsed by the UQ Senate.

UQ touts “changes” to the Master Plan, but, from the perspective of the St Lucia Community Association, the only concessions made after years of large-scale community action to UQ’s self-regarding expansion are:

  • That local and state governments will have input into the location of a proposed bridge to West End.
  • That the embodied scope-setting plans (predicated on new or extended CIDs) for the Hawken Drive, Avalon and Long Pocket precincts “will be subject to further consultation”.
  • that future CID extensions are not an “immediate intention” (but time is relative…)

The SLCA’s key issue for 2018 and beyond remains UQ’s manifest desire to expand their Community Infrastructure Designation into long-established residential areas, permitting high and medium-rise, high-density, commercial, accommodation, “educational” and other uses by exempting the affected properties from City Plan or community influence. We do not consider the current Final Master Plan to be an acceptable outcome, and will continue to campaign hard against it being endorsed by the Queensland Government.

The key takeaway points are:

  • The current UQ Administration remains committed to expanding the St Lucia campus into residential areas, and in the future will likely seek CID extensions to make it easier do so. Such extensions would allow the university to bypass Brisbane City Council planning controls.
  • Community pressure and lobbying has, at the very least, postponed UQ’s CID expansion. We should celebrate this, but we must remain committed to ensuring extensions are not granted in the future.

Thank you to every resident and stakeholder who gave community feedback to UQ rudimentary “consultation”, attended SLCA meetings, hosted our very successful yellow signs, or otherwise supported our campaign to ensure UQ develops under the same guidelines other entities must.

On behalf of the executive of the SLCA Committee, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday period.

October 13: UQ Senate Election

John Brannock, Secretary of the St Lucia Community Association, is running for a Senate seat in the imminent UQ Senate elections. John is also a member of the UQ academic community as an alumnus and an Adjunct Professor.

John has offered himself as a candidate because he feels that UQ urgently needs to improve its “town and gown” relationships, particularly with the neighbouring St Lucia, Taringa and Indooroopilly communities, as it continues to grow its research and teaching capacities.

“The leadership of UQ has recently engaged in development overreach outside its campus which really has to be checked by reasoned debate and far better consultation.”

The UQ Senate is the peak governing body that has direct oversight of the University’s affairs, strategic direction and vision for the future. Senate elections are only conducted once every four years.

The SLCA encourages all eligible UQ graduates (those with a degree, diploma or a certificate awarded by UQ) to vote in the current UQ Senate elections. Online registration for alumni has now closed, but the roll remains open until 25 October.

Please feel free to forward this notice to friends, family, acquaintances, or Facebook or LinkedIn contacts you think may be interested and eligible.

If you would like to vote yourself, the University requires up-to-date email or postal addresses to be registered before graduates are able to cast a valid vote. To ensure you are validly enrolled, with current details, you need to send an email to uqelections@uq.edu.au or call Tina Ferguson, (UQ Elections Officer) on 3365 3360.

The SLCA encourages all UQ alumni and graduates to have their say and vote for the candidates they choose. We endorse John Brannock (who many of you will recognize from his expert and long-standing contributions to the SLCA) so that local communities can at long last establish a strong voice in the University’s Senate.

If you would like to speak to John about his candidacy, or platform, he is available on +61 (zero) 412 746 060

September 10: What you can do right now – the Second SLCA Objection Letter

Write to the responsible Minister and other government decision makers to express your point of view.  To make it easy, we have created a second online letter so you just need to click here, add your name, edit or add to the letter as you please and then hit “submit”.  The letter will be sent as an email to Minister Trad, Minister Jones, the UQ Senate and other key stakeholders. You will get a copy as well.


August 21: CityPlan compliance-free Student Residences Project starting

Construction to begin soon on new UQ student apartments (link to UQ News)

Work is about to start on the site of The University of Queensland’s $250 million Student Residences Project at St Lucia. UQ Property and Facilities director Steven Dickson said the building would accommodate 1300 students on an elevated site on the western side of the university campus.

“This project marks the start of a new era for UQ,” Mr Dickson said. “UQ is a world-class university which attracts the very best international students from around the world, and it is imperative that we provide a world-class, full residential experience on campus.”

“Work is about to start on the site of The University of Queensland’s $250 million Student Residences Project at St Lucia. Specialist contractors South East Tree Care will remove vegetation under the direction of UQ grounds supervisor Shane Biddle. 2000 tubestock trees will be planted elsewhere on campus to offset vegetation removal. Tree removal on the site – bounded by Walcott, Hood, Rock and Coldridge streets – will start next week.”

Work hours will be 7am–3pm. Dust reduction will involve watering and mulching, and mulch from the site will be used across the St Lucia campus. Site clearing will be completed by 20 October 2017. The site will be re-landscaped when construction is complete.

More information: Property and Facilities Special Projects Manager Peter Sampson, p.sampson@pf.uq.edu.au,  +61 7 3365 1113, 0411 152 349, ; or Shane Biddle, s.biddle@pf.uq.edu.au, 0411 020 471.

 August 24: Hawken Drive/Village development says Courier-Mail

Three adjoining St Lucia properties look set for future childcare centre

A BRISBANE-based private consortium with plans for a childcare facility has swooped on three adjoining properties at St Lucia in the city’s inner-west.
The properties at 254-256 Hawken Drive and 80 Boomerang Rd have sold for a combined $3.025 million.
Savills’ Tim Packman and Robert Dunne, who negotiated the deal, fielded strong interest from a mix of developers and investors.
Only 400m from the University of Queensland campus, the properties span a total area of 1505sq m and generate rental of $167,960 a year gross from student accommodation.
Mr Packman said the deal represented prime St Lucia buying of a rare offering of three adjoining properties in one line.
“The buyer has indicated that the properties may be redeveloped and used as a childcare facility in the future,” Mr Packman said. “This would be a significant development for the area, given that the properties are located opposite the local St Lucia shopping precinct on Hawken Drive and other local amenity.”
All the properties are within a low density residential zoning, which allows for building heights up to two storeys.
Mr Dunne said there was a high level of interest during the sale, with 10,128 visits to the web page and inquiries from 164 interested parties. The three properties were available for individual sale, as well as a combined package deal, with offers to purchase submitted by tender.

July 28: Interested? UQ could really use hearing a community voice

UQ Senate Elections (http://www.uq.edu.au/update/)

The UQ Senate is the peak governing body that has direct oversight of the University’s affairs, strategic direction and vision for the future. Elections are held every four years, and nominations are now open for eight positions on the 34th Senate. For more information and eligibility follow the links below.

The positions are:

The official nomination form must be used. For further enquiries please contact the Elections Officer: uqelections@uq.edu.au, 336 53360. Nominations close at 4pm on Wednesday 20 September. Completed nomination forms can be scanned and emailed to uqelections@uq.edu.au, sent through Australia Post or the internal mail to the Returning Officer, room 424, JD Story building, The University of Queensland, St Lucia, QLD 4072. Please mark all correspondence ‘2017 Senate Elections’.

Voting will be held between 11–25 October. All candidates will be notified of the outcome shortly thereafter. The results of all Senate elections will be published on the Senate website and in The Courier-Mail on Saturday 4 November.

July 25: The results of the RACQ’s Brisbane Bridges “survey”:

(See June 10 post below) Not much detail in the media release, but the key take-aways are:

  1. even a survey by Qld’s peak motoring body’s shows more than 50% of respondents want a new West End to St Lucia bridge to be car-free (ie a combination of bus, pedestrian or cycle modes only).
  2. Fewer people who responded objected to a new West End-St Lucia bridge than to any of the other options canvassed.

July 22: Another hugely successful SLCA meeting

Thanks to the 190 or so people who joined the SLCA Committee, and the LNP, Green and ALP candidates (for the new state seat of Maiwar) to discuss the UQ Master Plan, the candidates’ election positions on the Master Plan (and proposed CID extensions) and the SLCA going forward. Many thanks to all who attended, spoke or asked questions. The candidates were particularly impressed by the turnout, giving the impression it was impressively larger than they would expect to draw on their own. All three restated their published positions (see posts below).

Key points:

  1. UQ has not withdrawn the CID extensions.
  2. UQ plan to submit their Final 2017 Master Plan, with its supporting Site Development Plan (detailing the building and infrastructure projects they anticipate completing over the next 5 to 10 years) to the new UQ Senate in October, and thence, if ratified, to the Queensland Government for their approval.
  3. From now until October is the next big push for us as a community to raise our voices as much and as effectively as possible with any and all the immediate decision-makers: the Senate, both the Education and Planning Ministers and the Premier. Write, call, lobby your contacts: Senators, staff, politicians and anyone else who needs to understand the issues and impacts clearly.
  4. The SLCA will draft and make available via our4067.org two new documents: a second letter for community members to edit, sign and digitally send to all those decision-makers, reiterating their steadfast rejection of UQ’s plans to annex residential areas of St Lucia and Long Pocket and convert them to mixed-use, medium and high rise property developments focused on high density accommodation. The second will be a pithy summary of the overall spirit of the meeting in the form of a group declaration of that rejection. This was suggested by an audience member keen to see such a large community gathering raise its voice in unison.
  5. The SLCA has learned that at least two of the current Colleges at St Lucia are planning to build their own (non-collegiate) high rise and high-density student accommodation following UQ’s own lead. Pretty much devaluing all the traffic, public transport demand, retail impact, student numbers or campus density reports and projections contained in the current Draft UQ Master Plan.

July 11: Letter to SLCA from Greens candidate for Maiwar Michael Berkman re CIDs

(text edited for relevance to Master Plan and CIDs, original linked below]

Tuesday 11 July 2017
Public parks in inner-Brisbane are few and far between. With the introduction of more and more high
and medium density developments in the western suburbs, we need to ensure we retain all the green
space we have and secure land for new parks so Brisbane can remain liveable for all.

The new draft UQ masterplan has proposed the construction of a bridge, capable of facilitating mass
transit, between Guyatt Park and West End’s Orleigh Park. The end result will be a drastic reduction in
green space on both sides of the river.

The vast majority of St Lucia residents have expressed their serious concern to our Greens team about
UQ’s masterplan, specifically the potential expansion of their Community Infrastructure Designation
(CID) to include areas around Hawken Drive and the Avalon Theatre and Long Pocket precincts.

I’m proud to announce that the Queensland Greens and I are committed to empowering the community, and that’s why we oppose any expansion of UQ’s Community Infrastructure Designation and the introduction of a mass transit bridge in Guyatt Park.

Original: Michael Berkman for Maiwar – Letter to SLCA  (175Kb PDF)

 July 10: Letter to SLCA from ALP candidate for Maiwar Ali King re CIDs

“Re: Extension of Community Infrastructure Designation for St Lucia 

“Whilst there is no current application before the Deputy Premier, I won’t support any extension to the Community Infrastructure Designation that allows rampant commercial development in St Lucia.

“Infrastructure Designations should be about community and social infrastructure, not big commercial projects.

“The University of Queensland should be looking at how the Master Plan can fully involve the community in designing the future of our neighbourhood, and I have asked the Deputy Premier to look at how we might use an independent expert consultant to work directly with the community to ensure residents are fully involved.”

Letter: Re: Extension of Community Infrastructure Designation for St Lucia  (1Mb PDF)

July 9: SLCA public meeting @ 2:00pm, Saturday 22 July, Ironside School

UQ Master Plan Update & Maiwar Candidate Forum

The St Lucia Community Association has a proud record of representing the interests of people who live and work in St Lucia on a wide range of issues. You may have been to SLCA public meetings, signed SLCA petitions, distributed SLCA leaflets or hosted one of the hundreds of yellow signs that greeted the 2015 and then 2017 Draft UQ Master Plans.

Our 2015 efforts led to UQ dropping their first draft of the Master Plan. 2017’s version brought less useful detail and more sugar-coating, but student numbers growth, cutting more of St Lucia out of City Plan, more traffic, high-rises in residential areas and major issues for residents, services and retailers all stayed in.

At July’s public meeting we will:
* update you on what the SLCA has been doing to press 
St Lucia, Indooroopilly and Taringa’s case;
* reveal the results of UQ’s 2017 “community engagement”;
* host a “Candidates Forum” so the Maiwar candidates can articulate their policy on UQ’s ambitious expansion and answer questions from the floor.

Managing UQ’s growth is the biggest current issue facing us as a community if we want to hold on to what is great about St Lucia and the inner western suburbs, improve what needs improving and resist over-development trucking our suburbs away.

July 05: UQ have quietly added a March-dated “Engagement Summary” to the Draft Master Plan website

Interesting reading. Mostly it’s about the internal “Key Stakeholder” consultation with staff, students and alumni to validate the “Student Strategy” (and for the self-approved 1350-bed on-campus Student Residences Project), but there’s also some surface detail of the 153 responses to the Draft MP “online survey” you may have completed yourself.  11% of those responses are classed as being from “St Lucia residents”.

You can download the PDF version of the Summary direct from UQ here (PDF 970Kb). What you will learn is that quite a lot of people said many things, and that quite a lot of them were positive, and quite a lot were not. Oh, and that apparently quite a lot of the staff and student respondents also think UQ should be working harder to foster a better relationship with the local community.

July 04: UQ re-schedule postponed Community Reference Group meeting

“Dear CRG Members,
Thank you for your continued participation in the development of our Campus Master Plan.
Please note that the next CRG meeting is scheduled for 5:30-7:00pm on Tuesday 11 July 2017. We will be providing an overview of the Draft Master Plan public consultation period and providing an outline of next steps to further develop and finalise the Master Plan.
Meeting papers and venue details will be circulated in the coming days.”

The SLCA suggests that if you know any of the CRG delegates, you ask them to listen closely to public opinion, not just UQ.

 July 01: new email from the SLCA re LNP commitment to reject UQ CID extension:

Read the email here:

“You may have seen a story in Saturday’s Courier-Mail by Des Houghton which stated that UQ’s expansion would be blocked under a government led by Tim Nicholls.  If you missed the story you can click here to read it.

If this came to be, UQ would still be able to apply to develop properties it owns outside its current footprint – but like everyone else, the university would have to satisfy Brisbane City Council planning regulations.

The Courier-Mail article came after local Indooroopilly MP, Scott Emerson, announced the LNP policy to maintain the university’s current boundary.

The St Lucia Community Association encourages commitments from all political parties to prevent UQ’s boundary expansion.”

July 01: Indooroopilly MP Scott Emerson’s statement on LNP policy re the UQ CIDs

The full statement is LNP-will-maintain-UQs-current-boundary-EMERSON (319Kb PDF)

June 28: Policy on student housing from Maiwar Greens candidate

“2: Ensure the right to community consultation extends to student housing developments.”

June 20: SLCA lobbying parties contesting the next Maiwar election

The SLCA Committee is in contact with all the major parties proposing to contest the next state government election for the seat of Maiwar, covering St Lucia, Toowong, Indooroopilly, Taringa, Auchenflower, Bardon and Fig Tree Pocket. We are asking each party to articulate in public their position on the proposed extensions to UQ’s CID. As those positions become public we will host that information here. As you may already know, Brisbane City Council (via Walter Taylor Ward councillor Julian Simmonds) have already written to UQ to express their objections to the CID extension, and current Planning Minister Jackie Trad MP has written to her West End constituents expressing her opposition to any loss of park space to a new bridge. We are asking each party for clear and unequivocal rejection of the CID (now ID) extension proposal.

June 19: Has UQ declared its hand on changes to the Master Plan?

Extracted from Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 (at http://www.pbi.uq.edu.au/strategy/ on June 19, 2017).

The University of Queensland’s Strategic Plan 2014-2017 finishes at the end of this year. Over the past year The University’s Vice Chancellors Committee and University Senior Management Group have been developing the short and long term direction of the University. Through various forums and retreats, consultation sessions have also been held with the University Senate, Heads of School and Directors of Central areas.

“This process has been framed by our existing Vision, Mission and Values, and it is important to note that valuable work has already been undertaken to develop and launch the Student Strategy in 2016. This strategy and the St Lucia Masterplan will not be revisited. The new strategic plan will incorporate key elements of these documents and embody their principles.”

June 13: BCC trails new “river-lifestyle hubs” for UQ and West End

Brisbane Times, 13/06/17: 2018: Council to pour $43 million into the river

“The five mooring facilities will be set up at City Botanic Gardens, New Farm Park, West End and two locations at South Bank.

An additional five river-lifestyle hubs would also be established in the suburban stretches of the river, Cr Quirk said.”

“Cr Quirk said there was also scope to expand the network to include Teneriffe, Hawthorne, Kurilpa, Bretts Wharf, UQ, Mowbray Park, Newstead House and the Bulimba Barracks site.

Under the investment, Dutton Park would also be home to a new recreation river hub under the river network upgrade, which would provide an access point for kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddle boarding and other non-powered watercraft.”

June 10: The RACQ is “surveying” self-selected people about “possible new Brisbane river crossings”

“Our river shapes how we move, where we live and how we celebrate. We want your opinion on which bridges might improve connections across the river, so we’ve created a quick survey to hear from you.”

Eight at least of the “possible” river crossings (bridges and tunnels) are either sited in St Lucia and Toowong or will funnel more traffic into the Inner West. Self-evidently the RACQ will reach more people who drive through than live in the affected suburbs, like Toowong, St Lucia and Taringa. People right across SEQ in fact. However, it is easy to say you do or don’t support each option, or that users be restricted (like the Kurilpa or the Eleanor Schonell) to pedestrians, cyclists or public transport, or some combination of those. We encourage you to complete the survey from a resident’s perspective. The Survey is anonymous if you want it to be. Click here to start:

June 04.  Grand Brisbane projects that never happened. Like a Guyatt Park Bridge?

Brisbane Times, 01/06/17: “The Brisbane that never was: major city-shaping projects that did not get off the ground” 

To which list can now be added UQ’s Guyatt Park Bridge?

June 01. Now everybody is on board with Metro 2 going to UQ Lakes (not Hawken Drive). Except UQ?

If you are interested in all the details, try BCC’s final Metro Business Case:


Key points:
The Metro Business Case contains no mention of building anything other than a UQ Lakes route, and contains absolutely no suggestion of extending a Metro connection to either Hawken Drive, Indooroopilly or Toowong.

The Metro BC contains no identified or projected need to connect Carindale or the East to Indooroopilly (or indeed UQ either). However the Metro BC is very explicit about prioritising connecting Griffith University to the CBD and thus, via a single transfer, to UQ.

The low-cost, rather minimal projected terminus changes at UQ Lakes are set to include two new “platforms”, a one Metro vehicle layover area in the centre of the existing terminus, minor changes to existing pedestrian accesses, the necessary turning circle changes to accommodate these bigger bendy vehicles, plus on-platform ticket machines and ticket validation.

The whole Metro Business Case appears to focus on delivering maximum utility as soon as possible for as little capital expenditure as possible, which seems to pretty effectively put the skids under the Draft UQ Master Plan’s grand notion of BCC or QG paying for a new pedestrian, cycle or public transport bridge, a tunnel under the campus, or any new western-edge-of-campus UQ bus station (underground or not).

May 25. A Touch of Indigestion?

UQ has postponed the next scheduled Master Plan Community Reference Group meeting (set for Tuesday 23 May, 2017) until a date to be advised.

The reason given by UQ is “to allow time for preparation of a comprehensive consultation report” digesting more than 500 submissions received during the public consultation window for the Draft UQ Master Plan 2017.

May 23: New yellow signs still going up:


May 05. Member for West End Jackie Trad.

Letter to constituent (weblink)

The University of Queensland (UQ) Draft Master Plan was released for community consultation on 13 March 2016.

Many locals have raised serious concerns, particularly regarding the green bridge connection to West End through Orleigh Park. I’ve listened to these concerns and agree that the proposed location of the bridge is unacceptable, adding to traffic congestion and cutting into important and much loved local green space.

I do not support UQ’s current proposal for a bridge through Orleigh Park.

There is no question that UQ is one of Queensland’s preeminent educational institutions and is critical to our state’s ability to grow as a globally competitive knowledge economy.

While I’m always looking for better ways to connect our community with UQ, the current solution is simply unacceptable.

We are very fortunate to enjoy one of the last remaining riverside parks in Brisbane. Orleigh Park is an essential part of our lifestyle. It’s where we celebrate special occasions or just come together as neighbours, kick the ball around with our kids or walk the dog. I’ll always fight to protect this special part of our community.

I have spoken to the UQ Vice Chancellor and can confirm that he is open to working with the State Government and major stakeholders to find the best solution. It has to be done right and it has to be done in full consultation with the community.

I’ll be sure to keep you up to date on any progress on this issue.

Kind regards

Jackie Trad

“Protecting Orleigh Park”  (78Kb PDF)

May 02. New yellow signs all over:


May 01. Westside News “Conversations”:

April 28: The UQ’s own “community consultation” survey is now closed:

4) “Written submissions via email to masterplan@pf.uq.edu.au. Feedback received during this period will be considered during further development and finalisation of the Master Plan.” I expect someone will still be reading emails sent to that address though . . .

April 27: Walter Taylor Ward BCC Cllr. Simmonds writes to UQ about the 2017 Draft Master Plan:

Link to our4067 hosted copy of Cllr Simmonds’ submission to UQ (1.1Mb PDF)

Link to Cllr Simmonds’ email to Walter Taylor Ward constituents here

Link to Cllr Simmonds’ website page on UQ here

Direct link to Cllr. Simmonds’ submission here (1.1Mb PDF)

April 26: More yellow signs popping up in prominent places:


April 22: Signs going “missing” shows we’re making an impact again

Just as in 2015, a number of the dozens of yellow signs put up by residents around St Lucia since our first 2017 meeting (1 April) have started to go “missing”. Last time we know some were taken down by students having a laugh or nabbing a souvenir, some by people worried about their house sale being affected, and some by people who support a bigger UQ but not free speech.

Remember three things:

  • 1) let us know if you have had one nicked (use the comment form at the bottom of this page) and we’ll organize a replacement for you,
  • 2) you can order a sign for your own property here and
  • 3) always put them up somewhere as hard to take down by passers-by and as striking as you can manage.

Meanwhile, they’re still going up . . .



April 21: 78 signatories to the 2017 Objection Letter so far.

Thanks to all, keep it up, and why not ask your friends and neighbours to join the push . . .?

April 13: What you can do right now – the 2017 Objection Letter

Write to the responsible Minister and other government decision makers to express your point of view.  To make it easy, we have created an online letter so you just need to click here, add your name, edit or add to the letter as you please and then hit “submit”.  The letter will be sent as an email to relevant Ministers, the UQ Senate and other stakeholders. You will get a copy as well.

April 12: Current Media Coverage (PDFs or text)

April 9, 2017: A starting position suggestion for “negotiations”:

How about something like?:

  • Binding caps on student numbers for UQ St Lucia, UQ Long Pocket and on-campus accommodation for students and staff. (To be reviewed before each Master Plan is finalised).
  • A binding commitment not to evade City Plan or BCC planning regulation by applying to expand current CIDs or seek new ones. (To be reviewed before each Master Plan is finalised).
  • A binding commitment to work to preserve and enhance the “place capital” of St Lucia, Dutton Park, West End and Long Pocket, as well as that of the St Lucia Campus.
  • A binding commitment not to facilitate new regional or city-wide traffic bypassing the St Lucia campus (by permitting a cross-campus tunnel, east-west through busway to Indooroopilly or letting the Eleanor Schonell Bridge or any new Guyatt Park or Boundary Street bridge accept private cars).
  • A binding commitment to progressively reduce on-campus parking numbers and/or allocate UQ parking revenue to support proper policing of the contiguous suburban parking permit schemes.
  • Create a town/gown Planning and Relationships committee equipped with the authority to veto UQ activities that are considered to unreasonably impact, damage or vitiate the amenity of surrounding residential areas. And to negotiate mutually-agreeable offsets where appropriate. Committee will report directly to the full University Senate or Chancellor. Committee’s composition to be determined by agreement with the community and include elected representatives from BCC and QG.

April 8, 2017: Exactly what is a CID and why is it so crucial?

What is a Community Infrastructure Designation (CID)? (PDF, 37Kb)

April 3, 2017: Why not Host one of the new series of SLCA yellow signs ?

April 1, 2017: SLCA Public Meeting: Gaining Traction

A huge thank you from the organizing committee  to the 296 people who attended the first SLCA public meeting responding to the new UQ Draft Master Plan. The campaign fund grew significantly, and we welcomed more than 60 new financial members to the Association. Meanwhile, dozens of people picked up yellow signs in our new messages to display on their properties to help boost awareness of the Plan, help with understanding of the likely impacts and support community energy  to resist UQ’s latest attempt to acquire large areas of St Lucia residential and park land to facilitate their still un-quantified expansion ambitions. LNP, Labor and Green Party representatives and candidates all attended.

More details, and what concerned citizens should do next are coming soon. Meanwhile, some suggestions can be seen below:

March 14, 2017: Relaunching the community campaign








The UQ Plan is Back & St Lucia Needs Your Help

The St Lucia Community Association has a proud record of representing the interests of people who live and work in St Lucia on a wide range of issues. You may have been to SLCA public meetings, signed SLCA petitions, distributed SLCA leaflets or hosted one of the hundreds of yellow signs that sprang up at the news of the 2015 Draft UQ Master Plan.

That campaign led to UQ withdrawing the original version of the Master Plan and hiring community engagement consultants Urbis to “manage” a new Plan release process. The SLCA asked for a position on UQ’s new “Community Reference Group” although we knew it would have no influence over the Plan. We wanted to know what UQ would propose.

Well, we’re needed again. UQ has publicly released their new Plan. In our opinion, Master Plan 2 reveals even worse outcomes for St Lucia, Taringa and Indooroopilly than the first Plan did.

This time UQ has deleted any reference to how many more students they want to recruit and asserted instead a “right” to make any decisions about the campus it sees fit, and to retain their own “place capital” – all the good bits of what they have now. The inevitable and unconsidered result is the comprehensive degradation of St Lucia’s own “place capital”.

UQ now want to go up, down and across instead. St Lucia is being told to swallow eight storey student apartments in low-rise Long Pocket and Hawken Drive, a new bridge to West End chewing into Guyatt Park, a bus tunnel under the campus so every Translink bus from Carindale and Mt Gravatt can reach Indooroopilly direct (yes, along Hawken Drive and Swann Road) and a massive new underground bus (possibly light rail too) “hub”.

It’s the biggest current issue facing us a community if we want to hold on to what is great about St Lucia, improve what needs improving and resist greedy, selfish development trucking the best parts of our suburb away.


There’s a lot to talk about . . .

LINK: What the SLCA thinks of the new Draft UQ Master Plan

The new UQ Master Plan  via UQ’s own website

What UQ admits about the highly-controversial new and extended CIDs applications:

What you can do:

1) read the Master Plan to get a better idea of the scale and impacts involved.

2) Host one of the next series of SLCA yellow signs.

3) UQ’s own online survey – part of what they will claim as adequate community consultation – is now Closed.

4) Talk to local media with an existing interest:

Letters to editors and media contacts:

Courier Mail

“Use this form to send a letter to the Editor, to be considered for publication in our print edition. Letters must be short and may be edited. All letters to be considered for publication must have a name, street address and phone number so their authenticity can be checked. An email address is not sufficient.”

Brisbane Times


No actual letters page, but an email or submitted opinion will pique interest:

Westside News


ABC 612

Web:  http://www.abc.net.au/radio/brisbane/contact-us/
Telephone: ABC 612: (07) 3377 5222

Talkback: 1300 222 612

SMS: 0467 922 612

5) Talk to your friends, neighbours, any UQ Senators you know and your politicians.


St Lucia Community Association

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